2023 Events

June 17- Opening Cocktail Party/ Hall of Fame Presentation
July 1st- New Member Welcome Party
July 4th- BBQ Lunch Bar Open 11am- After Fireworks
July 8th- LTS Fundraiser- Evening Under the Stars 
July 15th- LTYC Luau 
July 20th- Singo!
July 28, 29, 30th- UGOTTA REGATTA WEEKEND 
August 2nd- LTS Fundraiser- Lyric Movie Night 7:30/ Happy Hour at Clubhouse Prior 
August 10th- Singo!
August 12th- Pizza Night
August 20th- Annual Awards Dinner 
August 25th- Annual Members Meeting 
September 2nd- 30th - Saturday/ Sunday Football at the Clubhouse

September 2nd - Summers End Cocktail Party 
September 30th- Last Bar Night 11-9pm 




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