Host an Event

Your Perfect Venue – Hosting a Private Event at LTYC

Members are welcome to hold a private event on the LTYC club grounds.  Host a crew get-together, cocktails on the veranda, rehearsal dinner, or family gathering.

The LTYC club use is restricted to members and their invited guests and may not exceed 80 people. Furthermore, per the Board of Directors, LTYC only allows for club use outside of peak season dates (i.e. not between the Opening Cocktail Party and the Annual Banquet. Please see calendar for more details).  The club’s policy further prohibits closing the clubhouse on a night it would ordinarily be open to members during the prime-time season.  The fee for club use is $500 with a $500 deposit. An LTYC member must host and be at the event.

For information on the policy, availability, and catering, please email or call 231-526-7919.


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