Established in 1895, Little Traverse Yacht Club is one of the oldest clubs in Michigan.  Generations of families have spent their summers enjoying the many activities available to them on one of America’s most beautiful fresh water bays.  LTYC offers a unique seasonal member experience.

Little Traverse Yacht Club is a community of sailors.  Based in the center of the waterfront in Harbor Springs, Michigan, LTYC brings together some three hundred local and summer residents who share in the joy of sailing and the camaraderie of each other’s company. The culture of the club is casual and friendly where the common bond is a love of being on the water.  New Members are eagerly sought and encouraged.  Social activities are established to allow regular connection all summer long.  Guest yachtsmen from affiliated and reciprocating yacht clubs are graciously welcomed.

Little Traverse Yacht Club was founded to foster sailboat racing and instruction.  A variety of fleets, classes, and races occur all summer-June through August.  Our longstanding Ugotta Regatta is a high point both within the small town of Harbor Springs as well as for top sailors throughout the Great Lakes.  It is important that the excitement of sailing can be passed down to future generations.  Toward that end, Little Traverse Sailors, an independent group focused on sail instruction, gives full attention to youth sailing from ages 8 through 18 years.


Little Traverse Yacht Club is best enjoyed by being a member of the club, or by non-members who enter into a sailboat regatta sponsored by the club.  Members of other yacht clubs on a reciprocating basis also have access to LTYC as well.  LTYC members do not need to own a sailboat to be a member.  Sailboat owners that do not wish to race but simply cruise and daysail are an integral part of the club.