The J/70  (22.75 feet long) is J/Boats’ first fully ramp-launchable, keelboat — designed to fulfill a growing need for an easy-to-own, high performance one-design that is exciting to sail, stable enough for the entire family, easy to tow behind the family vehicle, to rig in the parking lot, ramp launch and sail.  In less than 48 months the J/70 worldwide fleet is over 1,300 boats strong, attracting some of the most talented sailors in the world and helping to spark growth of numerous sailing leagues across Europe.   The 2014 Sailing World Overall Boat of the Year has taken the world by storm and future growth for this fantastic boat looks very bright, indeed!  These days it is safe to say  there is some J/70 event happening on almost any given weekend somewhere around the world!

The family-oriented Harbor Springs J/70 fleet (Fleet 25 in the International J/70 Class Association) has grown to eleven local boats, with several regular visiting fleet members from Chicago and Detroit expected to join us as well.  The fleet plans an active racing and social schedule each year, racing on Tuesday evenings and Saturday afternoons most of the summer, and including a reprise of our popular Fleet Development Day to help build the skill level of the entire fleet.  Once again, the J/70s will be the largest and most competitive one-design fleet in the LTYC Regatta in July, and we’ll race our Summer Championship series at the end of August.

The J/70’s combination of very fast, fun, family-friendly racing, as well as affordability, simplicity, and easy trailering brings new possibilities for racing at LTYC and beyond.  LTYC J/70 Fleet Members competed at: the J/70 Worlds, the J/70 Corinthian North Americans, the J/70 Midwinters, the St. Petersburg and Annapolis NOODs, the Miami Bacardi Cup, and Charleston Race Week.  The J/70 is by far the most popular one-design keelboat nationwide, with fleets for major regattas numbering in the 70s and 80s, and we expect our Harbor Springs fleet to continue to grow.



Come sail with us this summer! This friendly fleet always has room for new crew, and our J/70 owners will be glad to bring you along on a race or just show off their boats!  Contact the J/70 Fleet Captain, Polk Wagner ( ) with questions or comments.




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The Summer 2017 J/70 Fleet Calendar [pdf]

Racing Results

2017 Tuesday Night Series: Spring | Summer | Fall

2017 J/70 Saturday Series & Weekend Championship

2017 Ugotta Regatta


2016 Tuesday Night Series: Spring | Summer | Fall

2016 J/70 Saturday Series & Summer Championship

2016 Ugotta Regatta

Members of J/70 Fleet 25 ( LTYC / Harbor Springs )

Fleet Captain / Contact: Polk Wagner (

Resident Harbor Springs Boats
USA 152 – Sundog – Curtis Family
USA 224 – Little Traverse Sailors — LTS Race Team
USA 487 – Escape – Wagner Family
USA 489 – Downtowner – Towner Family
USA 543 – Jammin – Bosch Family
USA 548 – Tres Burritos – Sellers Family
USA 682 – Denali 0.5 – Bill McKinley
USA 899 – Wind Czar – Rich Lehmann
USA 905 – Pronto – Ali Hill / Chris Ford
USA 1157 – TBD – The O’Brien Family
Non-Resident Fleet Participants
USA 100 – Gemini – Blane Shea
USA 238 – Zuni Bear- Rich Bergmann
USA 379 – Brumby – Merritt & Chris Keffer
USA 812 – Sistership – Sue Stewart & Perry Hodgson



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