LTYC Officers are elected by the Board of Directors and serve two year terms (in the case of Commodore, Vice Commodore, and Rear Commodore) or one-year terms (in the case of Treasurer and Secretary)

Current Officers

Commodore Jack Carruthers
Vice Commodore Tom Trautman
Rear Commodore Polk Wagner
Treasurer Blane Shea
Secretary Mac Jacob


LTYC Directors serve three year terms, with a maximum of two consecutive terms.  Each year at the annual members meeting (usually held in August), three directors are elected (or re-elected). Note that if a Flag Officer’s term (i.e., Commodore, Vice Commodore, or Rear Commodore) extends beyond his or her term as a director, then they become Board members ex officio.

Current Directors

Hilde Bonesteel [ fill-in from 2018, term ends 2022 ]

Jack Carruthers [ first elected 2014, term ends 2020 ]

Louise Finkelstein [ appointed 2020, term ends 2022 ]

Mac Jacob [ first elected 2015, term ends 2021 ]

Kevin Larson [ first elected 2015, term ends 2021 ]

Blane Shea [ first elected 2017, term ends 2020 ]

Tom Trautman [ first elected 2016, term ends 2022 ]

Polk Wagner [ first elected 2018, term ends 2021 ]

Sunny Swarthout Wagner [ first elected 2017, term ends 2020 ]