Becoming a New Member

Little Traverse Yacht Club is open for new members.  Your application to join the club will be welcomed and appreciated.

2018  Membership Dues

Active (36 yrs. old +)                      $425.00
Intermediate (25-35 yrs. old)     $  90.00
Junior (under 25)                             $  65.00

*Active members pay initiation fee of $700.00
*Intermediate members pay initiation fee of $100.00

The process is simple and straightforward.

Three items are required to join:

Personal Interview
Dues Payment

Fill out the 2018 Membership Application Online

Simply use the form link above or download and fill out the attached 2018 Membership Application and forward it to our Business Manager, Donna Weber for processing.  You can mail, fax or email the document to Donna.  Reference the appropriate information for that below.  Once your application is received, Donna will confirm receipt and follow up to you with a telephone call to go over the process with you personally.


The club By Laws require that new members be sponsored by an existing member.   However, there are many situations where this may not be possible (just moved into Harbor Springs, for example).  If an applicant desires club membership but lacks a sponsor, just call our Business Manager.  She will introduce you to the club Membership Committee Chairperson.  That person will contact you directly.

Personal Interview

The club By Laws also require a personal interview between any prospective member and a member of the Membership Committee or the club Business Manager.  The purpose of the interview is straightforward, to make sure that the interest and vision for joining LTYC by a prospective member meet or exceed the established purpose of the club.  Once the interview is completed, the Business Manager can process the Dues for the coming year.

Many times, new applicants are not in Harbor Springs and wish to join before they arrive for their vacation or for the summer.  No problem.  A pleasant interview can be conducted at the clubhouse immediately upon arrival in Harbor Springs with processing and membership immediately following.  There will be no loss of vacation time or use of the club due to red tape.


Once Dues payment is received the prospective member will be issued a club membership card and will gain full access to the club.

New Members will receive:
  • Club membership card
  • Club reciprocity card for use at other yacht clubs
  • Website authorization into the Members Only section of the club website
  • Yacht Club Directory
  • Access to the clubhouse and club facilities
  • Special member discounts for clothing, sailing gear and events
  • Special member discounts for Little Traverse Sailors Big Boat sail instruction programs
  • Social and Sailing Event invitations. Automatic enrollment
  • Newsletter.  Automatic enrollment
Sending Applications:

By Mail:  Donna Weber, Little Traverse Yacht Club

343 East Bay Street, PO Box 584

Harbor Springs  MI  49740

By Fax:   (231) 526-5899

By email:

Please contact our Business Manager for further information at 231-526-7919.

Membership Classification

As excerpted from the club By-Laws.
Section 1

There shall be five classes of membership designated as Members, and defined as set forth in Sections 2, 3, 4, 5  herein:

Section 2 – Active Members:

Active Members shall be those persons thirty six (36) years and older who shall be elected to full membership. .The Board of Directors shall issue a form of Membership Card to each Member. The membership represented thereby shall not be transferable. In the event a married couple shall become members, they shall each be a Member, but shall only be entitled to one vote.

Section 3 – Intermediate Members:

Persons who are twenty-five (25) to thirty five (35) years of age may be elected to Intermediate Membership in the Club in the same manner that Active Members are elected. Intermediate members are entitled to privileges of the Club as directed by the Board of Directors and are entitled to vote in the same manner as Active Members.

Section 4 – Junior Members:

Persons who are under twenty-five (25) years of age may be elected to Junior Membership in the Club in the same manner that Intermediate Members are elected. Junior members are entitled to privileges of the Club as directed by the Board of Directors but will remain nonvoting until they become Intermediate Members.

Section 5 – Life Members:

A Life Membership may be granted by the Board of Directors to Membership

Thank you for your interest in Little Traverse Yacht Club