LTYC Thanks: Staff Appreciation Luncheon

Thanks & admiration to Cheryl Swarthout, Marno Lane, and the LTYC Social Committee. They planned a festive luncheon, welcoming back the clubhouse, office, and waterfront staff and thanking them for their efforts ahead. On the day before the club opened for food service and on the first day of the grueling set up week on the waterfront, the club was closed and the entire crew of sailing instructors, coaches, wait staff, kitchen staff, and office staff were all welcomed to enjoy lunch on the porch.

The meal for 35 attendees (it was so bountiful it would have served twice that) was prepared by Cheri and Marno. Hilde Bonesteel delivered a decadent dessert. A fun ice-breaker game was launched by Darcy Mackenzie. Popcorn was provided by the Lyric Theater. Thanks and words of wisdom were offered by Hilde on behalf of the Social Committee, by Commodore Debi Schoenherr on behalf of the LTYC Board, and by Polk Wagner on behalf of the Little Traverse Sailors Board.

Gifts of appreciation were given to every staff member. Memorably, Cheri hand painted a different sailing scene on each and every gift bag – a sight to behold!