Membership in the Little Traverse Yacht Club is currently open for those interested in joining one of the the Midwest’s premier sailing clubs, a place that warmly welcomes sailors and non-sailors alike into an active racing and social scene—all in perhaps the most beautiful waterfront location in the United States.

How to Join the LTYC

Three items are required to join:

A Sponsoring Member (member name and email address)

Completion of an Online Application Form

An Initiation Fee and Annual Dues Payment (collected upon admission)

Membership Categories & Fees
  • Junior Members  (under 25 years of age) — $65 dues, initiation fee waived.
  • Intermediate Members – (25 to 35 years of age) — $90 dues, initiation fee $100.
  • Active Members – (35 years of age and older) — $530 dues, $700 initiation fee.
Sponsoring Member

Prospective members need to be sponsored by an existing LTYC member.  If for some reason you’d like to join the Club but lack a sponsor, just call our Club Manager; the Membership Committee can almost always help with this situation.

New Members receive:
  • Member number (for use at the Clubhouse for food and beverage charges);
  • Club membership card;
  • Club reciprocity card for use at 100s of other yacht clubs worldwide;
  • Login information for the Members Only section of the club website;
  • The current Yacht Club Directory;
  • Full access to all member benefits;
  • Copy of the most recent bi-annual LTYC Newsletter;
  • Subscription to the weekly LTYC E-Blast – our email newsletter with all the current happenings at LTYC.
Application Process

First, confirm with your sponsoring member and have their email address on hand when you complete the application. (They will receive an email notice when you submit your application.)

Second, fill out the Membership Application form.  (Link below.) You will receive an email confirmation after submission.  You may receive a call or email from a Board Member or member of the Membership Committee if there are any questions about your application.

Third, after your application is reviewed by the Board of Directors, the LTYC Club Manager will be in touch directly.  Newly-admitted members will work with the Club Manager to set up their membership account; the initiation fee and annual dues will be collected at this point.

. . .

The LTYC is a small, friendly Club run primarily by volunteers.  We have developed this application system to be as time-efficient and informal as possible.  In most cases we can process and respond to applications within a week or so, though the timeframe may be longer during busy times of the year (May and June in particular).


[ Click here to apply for membership ]

Please contact the Club Manager with questions or for further information at or 231-526-7919.