[update 11/7/18]The image originally seen here, provided by Irish Boat Shop on 11/4/2018, depicted their planned building, its position on the property, and its effect on the view from the SE corner of LTYC porch.

On 11/7/18, Irish Boat Shop and Buday + Kruzel Architects requested that the depiction of their building be removed. In its place, this red box illustrates the location of the proposed IBS building as best as we are able.

Various versions of images of the proposed Irish Boat Shop showroom, retail store, boaters’ lounge, and office building can be viewed in the following locations:


Updates: November 12, 2018

The Little Traverse Yacht Club remains wholeheartedly in support of Irish Boat Shop’s goal to modernize their facilities and has been gratified by the substantial response related to IBS’s new building.  We look forward to continuing this public discussion, including as requested by the City of Harbor Springs Planning Commission in December 2018.

The LTYC places great value on our long-term partnership with IBS, and we have every reason to look forward to it continuing long into the future. With respectful and consistent feedback from the community, LTYC members, neighbors, and others, we believe IBS will develop a site plan design that helps IBS prosper, improves the boating community, and enhances the Harbor Springs waterfront.

We have developed a set of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to provide further information.




On October 29, 2018, Irish Boat Shop publicly announced the planned construction of a new building on its existing property along Bay Street in Harbor Springs.  The new building would replace the current building that houses the boat sales showroom, the ship’s store, and IBS offices.  This new building would be approximately the same dimensions as the old building but would be moved from the current location to the southwest corner of the IBS property, closer to the water and closer to the LTYC waterfront and clubhouse.

The proposed IBS building—and in particular the change in location—will have substantial impacts on the waterfront of Harbor Springs, and will particularly affect the LTYC.

The proposed site plan, including the location of the building, was approved by the Harbor Springs Planning Commission on October 18, 2018.  IBS has announced that they plan to begin construction in August 2019.

The LTYC Board of Directors was notified of the IBS plans on October 25, 2018.  Since then the Board has been investigating the potential impacts on the LTYC and its members, including the changes to the sight-lines from the LTYC porch and grounds, as well as changes that could impact overall access to the water including the viability of small boat sailing (i.e. Lasers) and the availability of dry sailing (i.e., J/70s). The Board is appreciative that Irish Boat Shop has engaged with the LTYC Board on these matters, and we plan to continue our dialog. (See Letter from LTYC Board to IBS, November 1, 2018.)

It is no exaggeration to say that the Little Traverse Yacht Club and Irish Boat Shop have had a long and mutually beneficial relationship as neighbors and partners in building the boating community in Harbor Springs. The LTYC Board has every reason to believe this partnership will continue far into the future, and we look forward to working closely with IBS to find a plan that meets the needs of IBS while maintaining the health of the LTYC, and especially its mission of bringing new families into the Harbor Springs boating and sailing community.

This page is intended as a collection of information related to this issue and will be updated as new information is available.

Contact Information

Irish Boat Shop: Michael Esposito, President – esposito@irishboatshop.com – (231) 526-6225

City of Harbor Springs: Tom Richards, City Manager – citymanager@cityofharborsprings.com – (231) 526-2104

Harbor Springs Planning/Zoning Administrator: Jeff Grimm – assessor@cityofharborsprings.com – (231) 526-2104

Little Traverse Yacht Club: Board of Directors – board@ltyc.org



Informal Before / After Simulation Based on Materials provided by Irish Boat Shop.
Estimate of Limit of View from LTYC Porch with New IBS Building

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