Irish Boat Shop Announces Clean Marina Plan for Ugotta Regatta

Hello Regatta Sailors!

In an effort to keep a Clean Marina during the Ugotta Regatta Party at Irish Boat Shop, we’re asking for your help in these areas:

  • When checking into the party, you will receive a wristband and a 16-ounce stadium cup with the Irish logo on it. There is only ONE cup per person, so please keep your cup with you all evening (or even all weekend!).
  • In an effort to reduce single use plastic water bottles, we will have a cold, filtered water station available during the party. Bring your reusable water bottle or use your stadium cup!
  • We will have recycling stations set up throughout the party. These will include food compost bins for your food scraps and the recyclable napkins. Everything else should be recycled in the blue bins.
  • There will be only one trash can set up by the band. The goal is that the entire party produces less than one 30-gallon bag of trash.

Thank you for your help in keeping a Clean Marina during the Friday night party and all weekend long!