Help Make it Happen: Join the LTYC Race Committee

The Race Committee makes LTYC racing happen, and we’re looking for a few good women and men (and girls and boys for that matter) to join the team for some or all of Summer 2019.

Do you sail on Tuesdays but not weekends, or vice-versa?  Is your boat taking some races off?  Maybe Race Committee would be a fun and informative way to see the ‘other side’. We have opportunities for involvement at all levels—from driving boats to hoisting flags to simply watching (and logging) the action.  The time commitment is also as flexible as possible: come out one Tuesday evening, or play with us all all summer, it’s your choice.

New for 2019 is an emphasis on making the Race Committee a fun learning experience, an opportunity to meet fellow Club members, and a way for more members to experience the beauty of the sport in one of the most beautiful places in the world.  LTYC Sailing Director and primary PRO Dan Thompson will be hosting informal ‘dock talks’ and ‘meet the Race Committee’ events throughout the summer, providing low-key ways to learn more about race management as well as the LTYC’s fleet of Race Committee boats.

If this sounds interesting to you, all it takes is signing up.  Simply list your availability on the highlighted area of the worksheet linked here, include your contact info on the “Contact Info” tab, and Dan and the team will take it from there: