Events at LTYC

We’re currently planning next summer’s busy schedule of social events for members and their families. 

Look for this page to be updated as Summer 2018 approaches; in the meantime you can check out 2017’s event schedule, below.

See the Calendar for up-to-date information and start times.

Summer 2017 Social Events

May 29 – Memorial Day Afterglow

June 17 – Opening Cocktail Party & Hall of Fame Presentation

July 1 – Live Music & New Member Welcome Party

July 4 – Lunchtime BBQ, Bar Open for Fireworks

July 14 – Theater Night at Bayview

July 15 – Cocktails on the Veranda Party

July 20 – Movie Night at the Lyric

July 29 & 30 – Ugotta Regatta Parties

August 3 – Movie Night on the Waterfront (Kids’ Choice)

August 4 – Women’s Regatta Awards Party

August 5 – Live Music on the Porch

August 11 – Annual Meeting & All-Club Celebration featuring the Teddy Brown Memorial Youth Regatta Awards

August 17 – Movie Night on the Waterfront (Morning Light)

August 20 – Annual Awards Party & Dinner Dance at Birchwood

Sept 23 – Lowcountry Fish Boil & Fall Racing Awards

Check the Club calendar ( for official start times for each event.