Become a Member of the LTYC Corinthian Team

While LTYC membership is expanding and the Club itself is on firm fiscal footing, in the recent past a small group of our members has been contributing more than $15,000 per year towards our sailing programs. Over time, new initiatives like the Sailing Director, the training courses, and even hosting regattas can be new sources of revenue for the Club. But in the near term, this increased activity incurs startup costs.

In response, we are creating the LTYC Corinthian Team to recognize those members willing to financially support LTYC sailing programs during this startup phase. For each year, we are establishing a fundraising goal of $20,000.   We are asking that you consider making a contribution of $250 or more to join the Corinthian Team and support our sailing programs.

You can donate using your member charge account by completing the short form below:

You may also send a check made out to LTYC to PO Box 584, Harbor Springs, MI 49740.

Charitable Donations

Little Traverse Yacht Club welcomes donations to either LTYC or Little Traverse Sailors.

The Little Traverse Yacht Club is legally constituted as a 501(c)7 non-profit corporation.  Because LTYC is a membership organization, donations are not tax deductible to the donor.

For individuals or entities wishing to assist with support, grants or sponsorships, please contact our Club Manager, Daniel DeWindt at (231) 526-7919 or email Daniel at

Little Traverse Sailors is a 501(c)3 nonprofit charitable educational organization.   Donations are typically tax deductible to the donor.

For further information on Little Traverse Sailors and to donate to LTS, please click here.

Donations of Property

Boat owners wishing to assist the club in its teaching mission often consider donations of property; typically boats or marine equipment related to the club.

Local artists have made donations of both paintings and sculptures to the club to be used in the clubhouse or waterfront

Thank you for your generous support!