The LTYC considers the safety and well-being of our staff, members, and our community to be our highest priority. 
The following list of procedures, practices, and operational changes is mandated by the State of Michigan under Executive Orders relating to bars, restaurants, and public gathering places.
We are closely monitoring the guidance from local, state, and national governments, the CDC, and other sources of best practices.  We will update the following as circumstances require.
(Version of February, 2021.)

Employee Health and Sanitation

  • We will be monitoring the health of individual staff members daily and will not allow anyone to work who is observably ill or not feeling well;
  • We will keep a log of staff health monitoring;
  • We will provide appropriate face masks for our staff to wear during their shift, along with other PPE where necessary;
  • We will re-train our team in all cleaning procedures, hand-washing, respiratory etiquette, and we will provide training for COVID-19-specific health measures;
  • We will require our staff to wear a mask while working in the kitchen, as well as while serving members;
  • We will require our staff to wear gloves during all food and drink preparation;
  • We will require all staff to sanitize their hands after each customer contact.

Public Sanitation Measures

  • We will continue to use high grade cleaning products;
  • We will sanitize the Clubhouse bathroom doors, handles, faucets and other high-touch areas according to a regular schedule;
  • We will provide additional cleaning for all public areas of the Clubhouse and property;
  • We will place hand sanitizer stations in restrooms and at building entrances and other prominent locations.

Social Distancing Measures

  • We will place prominent signage detailing the required social distancing measures;
  • We will place physical barriers (e.g., plexiglass) at the indoor bar areas to protect staff and members;
  • We will place markings on the floor or ground where necessary to guide social distancing protocols.

Food & Beverage Procedures

  • We will not pre-set condiments, dishes or flatware on dining tables;
  • We will wrap flatware in napkins to minimize exposure to airborne particles and bring sets to the table after members are seated;
  • We will provide a one-time, disposable menu during our lunch service;
  • We will sanitize our laminated cocktail menus after each use;
  • We will post all menus online and at the Clubhouse for contactless review.

Guest Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)

  • We will require all members and guests to wear a mask or face covering at all times inside the Clubhouse and on the porch, except when seated at their tables;
  • We will ask that all members and guests wear a mask or face covering in our outdoor areas (e.g., patio) whenever maintaining a distance of six feet from those outside your household is difficult.

Operational Changes

  • We will be operating in accordance with the Michigan Governor’s Executive Orders;
  • We will be monitoring the number of people on Club property at all times, and controlling access to the Clubhouse and patio areas;
  • We apologize in advance, but because of capacity limits, there may be times when you are asked to remain outside the Clubhouse and patio area until others leave;
  • We will use text or cell numbers to recall members who were temporarily turned away due to capacity limits;
  • We will place all tables with at least six feet between the chairs of adjacent tables.